Take a photo of something that hasn't happened yet

So today I tried to take a picture of something that hasn’t happened yet…


Then it did.


Trying to make something uninteresting look interesting

I thought I’d try to make something uninteresting look interesting. I selected our Ikea lamp, which is VERY ugly and uninteresting. I hate the way the cords hang off it, and that the “stem” is silver. It’s just a dreadful piece of furniture.


I don’t think I did very well, but then again maybe I did… it’s a pretty bad lamp.

Flowers of Hawaii

While in Hawaii (Big Island, Kauai, Oahu) in February 2009 I took a lot of picturs of flowers. I learned that shooting available light macro photos with an f/3.5 lens is terrible.

Here are some of the interesting photo I took. In the future I’ll remember to clean up the background more. While in Hawaii I never really thought about making nice photos, just pointing the camera at something interesting. I got lucky a few times. Not that any of these are very good. Most of them are just interesting flowers, not interesting photos.

 DSC01996.jpg  DSC01892.jpg DSC01883.jpg DSC01856.jpg  DSC01823.jpg DSC01821.jpg

If you would like to improve your photography skills Edmonton Photography Classes offered by The Canadian Photography Learning Centre (The CPLC) are excellent.