Ptarmigan Cirque Alberta

I recently visited Kananaskis Country, while there I went on the Ptarmigan Cirque trail (right at the Highwood Pass). This was my first ever visit to the alpine. Okay perhaps I’ve been up that high when I was a baby or something but I certainly don’t recall it.

The trail is supposed to be an interpretive trail, however there are no informational plaques, just numbered “stops” on posts. I’m not sure, maybe I have to create my own meaning or something. For the first kilometer I could have cared less about the lack of interpretive plaques because it was quite steep and all I could think about was getting to the flat pretty part that and out of the fly infested slightly poop scented forest, I could have had that joy on level terrain.

You start at the Highwood Pass parking lot, go about 400m on a nice (though stinky that day) trail parallel to the highway, then cross the highway and start up the side throug the trees. The trail is narrow, steep, and has nothing of interest, I’m sure plenty of people turn back not knowing what’s ahead, and wishing there was at least one bench. Frankly if I didn’t have my two poles my fat butt wouldn’t have made it.

Once you emerge from the trees the trail is beautiful and there is lots to see, grasses, rocks. flowers, goats, mountains.


Some time I’ll postphotos from the rocky bit at the destination.

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