The Real Alberta Photo Contest

I eventually decided not to enter because you lose too much of your rights if your image is selected. You can’t sell or display the work for the whole year. I’m not going to take down my photos from my website so they can be in a calendar.

I missed the very first photo in this post when I orginally posted it.

Are you a member of an Alberta credit union? If you are, you can enter in a contest to have your picture featured in the 2011 Credit Union calendar! See your branch for details. I’m going to enter, but I need some help picking which two images to submit.

Sadly the photos have to be in a landscape aspect ratio, and have been taken in Alberta, which eliminates the bulk of my best stuff.

Sunset And Clouds (Banff, Alberta)alberta-left-out-1_.jpg

Potential (Nordegg Mine, Alberta)realalberta-3.jpg

Banff In Black One (Banff, Alberta)realalberta-2.jpg

Clouds Over Pigeon Lake (Ma-Me-O Beach, Alberta)realalberta-4.jpg

Banff In Black (Banff, Alberta)realalberta-1.jpg

Growing Up Sheltered (Edmonton, Alberta)realalberta-5.jpg

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