Noisy Apple Wireless Keyboard Fix

When I bought my new Apple iMac 21.5” it came with two peripherals, the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Apple Magic Mouse. Both are lousy.

The Magic Mouse went back in the box and will probably only be used in the event that my Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical with it’s 5 buttons of glory fails.

However the Wireless Keyboard was acceptable, only because it was the only Mac keyboard I had. However if you use this keyboard on a hard desk, especially a hollow drum-like desk, like my Ikea MIKAEL you no doubt have noticed it’s very noisy.

As the desk isn’t perfectly flat, and neither is the keyboard, and the keyboard is very light weight it bounces around a bit when you press the keys while typing vigorously. When I get in a groove I type very fast, that means this is a big issue for me.

However I found a very good solution! I cut a piece of white expanded vinyl foam (pleatheresque upholstery material) and put it under keyboard. This completely stopped the bouncing, adds a little bit of give, and stops the keyboard from sliding around!keybaord-1.jpg

Interestingly I also glued this same stuff to the bottom of my old MacBook Pro so it wouldn’t slide around on a glass desk. It doesn’t look too bad either. It’s also available in lustrous silver, black and a bunch of textures. I purchased this stuff at “✲Walmart” back when it was “Wal★Mart”, I haven’t seen it in ages. If you want a little pad of your own, let me know and I can probably hook you up.keybaord-2.jpg

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