Maybe a fast zoom isn't right for me…

I’ve been dreaming about getting a pair of fast zooms (f/2.8) namely Nikon’s 24-70mm and the 24-70mm; and if I had some cash left over (hah) the 70-200mm VR II. But I’ve been doing some analysis of my photo library and I’ve made some interesting observations.fast1_.jpg

In the 75 days since boxing day 2009 (to avoid Christmas day photos) I’ve taken 559 Photos (that weren’t so bad that I deleted them). Of those 559 photos. 74% (415) were taken at apertures wider than f/3.5. Shockingly 70% (392) were taken wider than f/2.8! All of the that 70% were taken at f/2.5 or less.fast1.jpg

I guess that means that if I’d been using the every so convenient fast zooms, I’d have compromised my photos in some small way. Of course in reality I’d probably have gotten many nice photos that I didn’t get because I was using a prime or a slow zoom. Sure a slow zoom with VR can take stable photos at a party, but the DOF is too large and doesn’t isolate people well.fast5.jpg

It’s just some interesting food for thought.fast3.jpg

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