Apparently I'm Stupid.

Today I wanted to go take some pictures, but my Nikon D90 + 35mm f/1.8 wouldn’t fit in my pocket so I couldn’t just go wander around in the dark with it (I don’t live in the best neighborhood). I was quite sad.

I though, man I really wish I had a small high quality point pocket camera (something like a Canon G11), but instead of working towards that, tomorrow I’m going to buy a Nikon F75, because it’s a good deal, a really really really good deal.

Another very capable camera (it’ll even work with my VR lens) but it’s not really any more portable. Also I can’t change my mind now, the guy sounded really nice and I don’t want to tell him I’d buy something them not. Oh well hopefully I’ll have some fun new film photos soon.9684eh9_20.jpg

I’m aware silver plastic cameras are lame, but it’s a good enough camera at a low enough price that I can overlook that.

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