Canmore/Banff Day Two, Cave And Basin

We stopped on the side of the highway to take some pictures, unfortunately none of them really turned out because the vantage point was terrible at the “lookout” and I wasn’t willing to stand in the middle of the highway; but we had

Still the view was pretty good and I even enjoyed it while I was packing up. That’s an Induro AB2

After our walk in the canyon we decided to go to the Cave And Basin National Historic Site. It’s the birth place of Canada’s National Parks System you know. They’re also working hard to protect cute little endangered snails there.

Taking pictures in dark places with a flash is funny. Check out the pupils! I think my face was like that because I was trying to hold the camera and aim the lens in the

These are long exposures inside the

In the main courtyard where the hot springs pool used to be (it’s now a pond) there was this great wringer on a brilliant turquoise

There was this staircase to/from the boardwalk and I thought it was quite funny, apparently all the people use the same

Outside the main entrance was this ancient looking drain, it’s all corroded, mineral caked and growing

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