Canmore/Banff Day One

In Celebration of the 5th anniversary of our wedding, as usual, we went to Canmore Alberta (25th through the 28th).

We arrived in Canmore and then went to Banff to check out the Banff Gondola, which is supposed to have a boardwalk you can walk around on and see the view and so on. It’s advertised as open year round. However when we got there the lady tried to take out (insane) ~$30/person payment and just as she was about to run the card she said “Oh just to let you know the boardwalk is closed.” and we were like “Oh when it it open?” figuring that it might be just too windy or something. She replied “Uh, in the spring…” with a condescending tone. Frankly, WTH, why would we pay $30 to go up and walk around an over priced restaurant? So we left and decided to walk around instead. Though I couldn’t convince Jill to walk up to the top.canmore-day-1-2.jpgcanmore-day-1-1.jpg

It’s not a bad view from just above the parking lot.canmore-day-1-3.jpg

We even read some educational displays.canmore-day-1-4.jpgcanmore-day-1-5.jpg

Jill wanted to take a picture of me, so I figured I’d discourage her by goofing off.canmore-day-1-6.jpgIt didn’t work.

Later we went to rent movies at the Avalanche Movie Company, which is probably the coolest movie store I’ve ever been to; we look forward to going every year. Despite it being February this Mallard drake hadn’t migrated, instead he decided to hang around outside the store and eat popcorn for the winter.canmore-day-1-8.jpgAccording to the staff he pretty much never leaves.canmore-day-1-7.jpg

They have so many movies they stack them at an angle to fit them all in.canmore-day-1-9.jpgcanmore-day-1-10.jpg

Then we went back to the hotel (we always stay at the Falcon Crest Lodge because it is an excellent value) and had meatloaf.canmore-day-1-11.jpg

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