The Best Photographs Of The 2010 Olympics

The best photographs of the 2010 Olympics aren’t of highly trained athletes leaping off ramps and sailing through the air. No they’re of the scores of professional photographers. Why?


If you’re a professional photographer in Canada, especially western Canada you probably use a Canon. I don’t know why, that’s just the way it is. Worldwide the Canon vs. Nikon war at the full frame level is pretty close. In Western Canada you’d be excused for thinking the 5D Mk II is the only professional digital camera made. Even the 1D isn’t seen too often.

I really wanted to show a picture here of a sea of black and white telephoto lenses, but I wasn’t willing to give Getty Images $50 for a three month editorial license to illustrate the article. So instead you get the press release photos of the impressive new Canon 1D Mk IV, and the Nikon D3s.


It really is very cool to see all that black glass on the sidelines for once. Even if some of them are Sigma lenses on Canons.

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