Kokee resteraunt in Kōkeʻe State Park

If you do the Waimea Canyon drive (Hw 550) on Kaua’i and keep going when it becomes Kokee Rd you can end up going into Kōkeʻe State Park. In the park there is a restaurant / store thing, I believe it’s in with the natural history museum or something. As near as I can tell it too was just called Kokee. At first Jill was optimistic but a bit hesitant because not only was it expensive it was kind of “low rent”.


Her optamism was deminished on the first bite.


The second pretty much killed it.


I didn’t get a picture of it, but there is a government sign in the washroom telling you not to drink the water because it contains lead. I hope that’s not the water they use in the kitchen, maybe that’s why the food was so bad.

However I did get a picture of the men’s room. Personally I feel if the washrooms are bad, it’s because the establishment doesn’t care about the customers. You see basic sanitation is pretty much one of the corner stones of civilication, if they don’t care about it, it’s because they don’t think very highly of you. This would seem to be about how much they care about you.


A fine washroom shot indeed, maybe I should send it to Ken Rockwell…

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