A Little Commercial Photography

Last fall I took some pictures for Wet Stuff and Edmonton builder of waterfalls, ponds and other water features. It took me a long time to get around to retouching their photos, then sadly I lost all the PSDs when my hard drive crashed. The files were in the virtual machine I used to run my old Windows copy of Photoshop and as a result were not backed up. Time Machine wanted to make a copy of the whole vm hard drive every time it changed. It’s part of the reason I’m so looking forward to spring. Spring means CS5 and I’m going to spring for it.

These are all I have :( and I’m sharing them in hopes Wet Stuff will get some business this spring.

DSC04489-small.jpg DSC04484-small.jpg DSC04488-small.jpg DSC04487-small.jpg

It really is a shame we couldn’t take that chainlink fence down.

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