SOLD: Light Alloy Tripods w/Ball Heads & Quick Release Plates

SOLD! This post kept for the enjoyment of future generations.

Victory alloy tripod, with ball head and quick release plate. Comes with a padded nylon carrying bags and a small tool to adjust the tension on the clamps.

It’s quite light, only 3.75lbs each and collapse down to, just 23” which would be great for backpacking. Fully extended it’s 56” tall.

They ball head is smooth, locks up firmly, and is removable. I’m told the quick release plate is the same as one of the Manfrotto designs, and they do indeed look compatible. However I don’t have any way of checking.

The leg angle is adjustable maxing out just below horizontal, which is good for working in tight spaces where you might have to put a leg up on a counter or something.

fjpods-1.jpg fjpods-2.jpg fjpods-3.jpg fjpods-4.jpg

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