A Little Fun With Off Camera Flash

Today I had to take some pictures for work, I defaulted to just sticking the trophies that I had to take pictures of up against the wall and snapping a shot.

I actually had the forthought to stick my SB-600 on the camera and point it at the roof, but that was pretty bland; I knew it was going to be, but I wasn’t enganged at that point. I just didn’t care because there’s nowhere to take pictures at the arena that lends itself to taking pictures. It’s all blue cinderblocks and just no good.

bad-trophies.jpgYeah that was pretty lousy and I was dissapointed, so I fgured I could do better with just a little effort, so after some playing around with flash angles and being dissapointed with the shadows on the walls or the ugly flares I decided to stick the flash behind the trophies to create some interest.


It’s still not good, look at that aweful wall, and I accidently focused on the wall instead of the trophies (woops) but it’s not bad. It’s okay though because it’ll only be like 300px on the site when it’s done.

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